Get to Know Our Story

Duke Engineering Solutions was founded by an engineer and car enthusiast who was tired of losing his cordless tools around the shop and wanted to create bespoke and well-engineered performance exhaust systems.

Serving in the USAF on Active Duty right after high school, DES CEO Trevin Baker obtained his BSME in 2015 and quickly put his engineering skills to work on several personal projects centered around high horsepower and peak performance. Some of Trevin’s design and engineering accomplishments include 180 Degree Header design, 8 into 1 Header design, LSx engine exhaust design, Automotive and Fabrication design and engineering, Consumer Electronics design and engineering, ISO 13485 and CFR 820 compliant engineeringand design of class 1 surgical devices.

Shortly before graduating, Trevin met his wonderful wife Aya and slowly tempted her to join him in his quest to design and engineer high performance vehicles with an emphasis on exquisite exhaust notes and a high level of attention to detail. Aya has accomplished many engineering feats in her own right after quickly earning a job in a large “big tech” company. Aya quickly learned engineering principles and fundamentals on the job and applied for her first patent within 2 years of hiring.

She routinely works with 3D printers and scanners, has adopted and mastered consumer grade hydraulics and plumbing, and understands and executes CNC machining code language and processes. Throughout their marriage, Trevin and Aya have become quite the engineering duo and will enjoy many more years together making high quality USA made solutions for the everyday person.