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Founded by a mechanical engineer and US veteran that was tired of his tools laying around the shop, DES is proudly offering innovative solutions to your unique problems! We aim to give the highest quality while still giving you affordable options with stellar performance. We're different, we're unique, and we're here to help. We want to solve your problem - what can we do for you?

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Location:     Washington State USA

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Duke Engineering Solutions LLC 

The Fine Print, Terms and Conditions: (deep breath) All products affiliated, manufactured, distributed or otherwise sold by Duke Engineering Solutions LLC and DBA DES are sold at the end user's own risk and liability. Duke Engineering Solutions LLC holds no liability for damages, injuries, loss of life, limb or assets from the use or misuse of its products. All products made and/or shipped by Duke Engineering Solutions LLC are for offroad use only if applicable and are at the purchaser's and/or end users resposibility to be used correctly and adhere to local, federal, and municipal laws. Use all DES products at your own risk. Don't hurt yourself or others, mmkay? Please see our dedicated page to Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions under the "More" Tab at the top of the page.