Our latest release! Porsche 997 electric power steering pump brackets by DES! This will mount a TRW or Vauxhall Astra electric power steering pump underneath your brake master cylinder in the front trunk of your Porsche 997. Drill two holes, install two rivet nuts, and mount your pump in a well hidden area with our low profile mount. Made in 304 brushed stainless steel and formed on a brake, these brackets are a great solution to keeping your pump out of the way to maintain as much storage space as possible while giving a sturdy base for your new pump. Engineered for perfection and quality, built to last a lifetime. We make all kits and brackets to order, please allow 2 weeks for processing. We sometimes keep stock of these products in advance, just email us to see what we have.


Hardware kit includes M6 rivet nuts and bolts with installation bolts and nuts for installing the rivet nut into the body of the 997 with two drilled holes. Contact us for further questions or details. More updated pictures to come as this is a brand new product and we're still compiling photos. Thanks for looking!

DES Porsche 997 Electric Power Steering Mount Bracket for TRW Pumps