Please note - this is a PREORDER only at this time. This is for the BASE dash kit only, no extras. Those will be added later and initial preorders will have first dibs for these kits and their options. Expect only 15 Dash Kits to be made on initial order so get your preorder in before they're out. We're expecting to ship the first rounds of these in late Q1 of 2021, around March or April. This date may change and pricing may fluctuate slightly but we'll do our best to keep to our original pricing and schedule. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Finally, a replacement aluminum sheet metal dash for the Jeep Wrangler TJ and LJ Platforms! Duke Engineering Solutions is proud to officially launch the initial preorder for the DES Jeep TJ/LJ Sheet Metal Dash Kit.


This new dash kit is intended to be used Off-Road Only and is at the liability of the end user and installer, not DES. Please keep that in mind. You are still responsible for the road legality of your vehicle so please check your local laws on if you can drive with this dash on your local roads.


The DES Jeep TJ and LJ Dash kit solves all the problems with the plastic factory dash. This is 100% customizable and modular. Each panel face can be replaced easily with a new layout. No more cutting plastic, trying to mount gauges on uneven surfaces, and working around the massive HVAC system behind the dash. You can even ditch your entire wiring harness and wire your Jeep independently with the Switch Pros modules (not included). This dash also has accomodations for running any of the Holley Pro Series Dash Kits and their 7" Dash kit with a special mount for Holley Terminator X engine management systems or the GM ECU and harness kits.


We'll be offering a few other bits and pieces for this kit including massive dual cup holders that are big enough to hold your 4" diameter water bottles. We'll have cutout options for all of the above accessories from Holley and GM as well as shifter mounts for Winters and typical twin sticks for your Atlas or other transfer case. Louvered vents from Vintage Air can also be used with our cut with our cutouts (not included). For those that love to drift sideways, we have a cutout and mount available for a Kibbetech Hoon Handle for those hydraulic handbrake fans out there. All accessories are not included and must be purchased seperately.  


Lowrance GPS and a massive 12.9" Apple iPad are also implemented in the design (not included) for running music, tracing your routes, and mapping your waypoints with ease. A cutout for a sound system control is also in the works. Speakers and amps will also be incorporated in the later phases of the project for those who love their tunes.


All cutouts and panels are optional, you can always cut your own. We’ll be announcing a preorder in the coming weeks for the first 15-20 sets as the initial launch. Good things take time. Thank you for your patience.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is this intended to replace the Factory Jeep TJ/LJ Dash?

A: Yes, but this is intended as a custom piece that the end user will have to tailor to their needs. Your gauges, controls, shifters, and other pieces may need trimming or custom mounts to fit. We'll accomodate as much as we can but we can't make a mounting plate for everyone. So if you don't see an option that suits you, ask us and we might be able to help but keep in mind you may have to cut your own templates in the plates. Rest assured, the plates are replaceable for this reason and we make it easy to do it yourself.


Q: Will my Jeep TJ/LJ factory heater work with this dash?

A: Most likely not, unfortunately. This is intended to be used with aftermarket HVAC systems such as the Mojave style heaters and Vintage Air AC systems.


Q: Will they be anodized? What are my coating options?

A: Yes, anodizing will be available as well as raw (uncoated). Powder coating may also be available at a later date.


Q: Can you make XXXXXXX shifter or transmission work with this?

A: We'll try to accomodate but please be mindful there are dozens of shifters and transmission selections and we don't have time to reverse engineer them all and incorporate them. We'll do our best but some combinations will need the end user to cut their own templates. We'd love to cut them all and make them all an option but we just don't have the time at the moment. Thanks for your understanding.


Q: I just want the dash, no center console, and just a bare bones dash and I'll cut the rest out. Will you do that?

A: Yes!


Q: Are you taking custom orders for different dash widths and different center console widths? 

A: Yes, but not until after the initial launch. Please be patient as there are a lot of different combinations that people want and we're doing our best to meet the need.


Other questions? Send us a message through the site , Facebook, Instagram, or to Thanks!

DES Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ Sheet Metal Dash Kit - PREORDER


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