Updated design to hold your grinder wrenches and attachments! Made from high quality USA made 304 brushed stainless steel and CNC cut and bent. These grinder storage racks hold three (3) 4.5" grinders on your wall or other mounting surface and will clean up your workspace. Not only do these racks hold your grinders, but they also hold your wheels, discs, and other attachments! Now they come with slots for wrenches, bits, and more! The deep clearance on each slot holds the grinder by the HUB and allows for LARGE attachments to stay on your grinder and still hang. Ample room for most handles, stop leaving your grinders out and in the way - hang them up easily!


This is a must-have for any shop and garage. These are shipped in raw form and unpainted. Stainless steel versions can be hung up without painting or coating! Let us know if you have any questions.

4.5" Angle Grinder Tool Rack and Storage- Updated Design!

$53.00 Regular Price
$47.70Sale Price

    Duke Engineering Solutions LLC