Finally a complete electric power steering conversion kit for your Porsche 996! This kit makes it easy to mount the pump AND wire and plumb it. The DES 996 electric power steering conversion uses a customer supplied TRW or Vauxhall Astra electric power steering pump - and DES supplies the rest! Our brackets are made from 304 brushed stainless steel and CNC formed for accuracy. We engineered this bracket to be lightweight but easy and convenient to install. Engineered for perfection and quality, built to last a lifetime.


We offer many options for you to tailor our kits to your needs. You can buy just the pump bracket, the entire complete kit, or a variation of it. Please select the items you need in the drop down menus.


We only use the highest quality materials including brackets made in the USA with American stainless steel. We also use American suppliers for our hoses and a few of the fittings, if available. We reduce the amount of imported components to fewest possible for the highest quality available. We highly recommend having an experienced individual wire and plumb your system. Failure to do so may resume in damage to your pump or your car or yourself and DES is not held liable for such events. Please use caution!


If you buy the entire complete package, this includes: Four (4) premade 100R2 hose assemblies with steel coated 6AN ends, 4 gauge positive battery cable with ends, two loose 4 gauge compatible crimp ends (plier friendly for the DIY install), a single 80A Bussmann genuine circuit breaker, a single excite wire premade to length that runs to the hidden cell plug in the center console of the Porsche 996, a DES 996 TRW pump bracket in stainless, a DES circruit breaker bracket in stainless, the hardware kit with rivet nuts and bolts, and a conversion fitting to adapt the pump output to 6AN. Just add your own pump and the 6AN steering rack conversion fittings from Rebel S Racing shown here:

DES Porsche 996 Electric Power Steering Conversion Kit for TRW Pumps

Hydraulic Hoses, 6AN 100R2
80 Amp Circuit Breaker, Genuine Bussmann
Battery Cable with extra eyelets for pump wiring
DES Circuit Breaker Mounting Bracket
DES Hardware Kit
Premade wire for triggering pump

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