Please read the full description! This is a kit to convert your regular Ford Raptor F-150 front bumper into a weld-on prerunner style bumper. Available in unwelded, tack welded, or fully welded. This is NOT a bolt on bumper kit - but it will be UNIQUE and will look and perform better than the others. You can customize this to any style you like and the possibilities are endless. Set apart your Raptor or F-150 from all the rest with a custom bumper build but we'll do the hard part for you by offering these bumper kits!

These are sold as a DIY weld on kit and require you to cut the frame of your Raptor or F-150 just in front of the body mount behind the factory bumper. These are intended to be finished by the buyer or a hired fabricator to save cost on typical Raptor front bumpers. You'll need to cut your frame, attach the frame horns, and mount the radius bar or valence. We offer a radius bar to help those that don't have a tubing roller. This kit only includes the two frame horns, not the radius bar, skid, or light bar mounts. Those items are available separately and we'll offer a skid plate soon. We suggest using a 1/4" aluminum skid plate if making your own.

Constructed with 3/16" HRPO A36 steel for the main plates and 1/8" HRPO steel for the remaining support pieces. 1.75x.120 tubing is intended to be used and is NOT included - no tubing is supplied to save shipping and overall cost to you, the customer. If you need tubing, contact us and we can arrange it - the straight tube and radius bar are not included. Fish plates for frame reinforcement also available but not required. We will be making a full technical write up for installation and finishing and we offer immediate support to customers when installing these. We cut these ourselves, the lead times are approximate. We usually accommodate 2-3 days shipping time if we are out of stock. If you need one immediately, message us and we'll get you taken care of! Please don't hesitate to ask questions.

Duke Engineering Solutions takes no responsibility or liability in using this product or installing it - all products are used at the purchaser or users own risk! These are intended for off-road use only and using these on legal roads is at the liability and responsibility of the owner and operator of the vehicle. Ensure these are legal in your state before purchasing or installing.

DES Ford Raptor and F-150 1st Gen Radius Bumper DIY Kit

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Front Plate Style

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