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Made in the USA with USA Stainless Steel and designed and engineered by a US Veteran.

Duke Engineering Solutions has launched their first set of 180 degree headers for GM LSx V8 engines: These are specifically designed for Porsche 996 and 997 platforms with a LSx swap. Fully tested and ready to ship, see our FAQ section for answers. These headers come fully TIG welded with all header tubes, head flanges, ARP head bolts, and collectors, ready to bolt onto your LS based engine such as LS1, LS2, LS3, LS7, L92, LM7, and more. The end of the collector is ready for your new tubing or a connection piece like a v-band clamp. These headers are 2 pieces with expanded tube connections underneath the oil pan for expansion and contraction during heat cycling and for ease of installation and removal.


No corners are cut during design and fabrication - these are the headers you want! Duke Engineering Solutions has a 100% bolt-in solution to your Porsche 996 and 997 LSx Swap. The hard part is done!

Primaries are equally timed and 1.875" diameter. Collectors transition up to 3" at the exit. These are USA made with USA 321 stainless steel with thick flanges at the head. We designed these headers to work with factory A/C packages and sensors; see disclaimer section below for compatibility.

V-band clamps, mufflers, 180 bends, and J-bent tubes not included but can be for an additional cost. If you live outside the 48 states and place an order, there may be an additional fee for shipping. Please check with us before ordering.


We'll be releasing versions to be used with the Porsche 993, 964, and 912 platforms. Send us your requests for more! Universal fitment into other platforms is recommended and supported, however DES assumes no risk in such activities.


Typical examples are LS1, LS3, and LS7 swaps into Porsche 996.1 ,996.2, 997.1, and 997.2 cars.

For more information on the 996.1 and 996.2 swaps, visit https://stuttgartmuscle.com/

For more information on the 996.2, 997.1, and 997.2 swaps, visit https://www.chavisperformanceengineering.com/

Please contact us if you have a custom need. We're always open to custom projects and unique designs and engineering. It's what we do!



We have tested fitment with a wide array of LS components to verify compatibility. As mentioned, early LS1 and LS3 Camaro and Corvette AC compressors work as intended with our DES 180 Header Design for Porsche 996/997 applications. The LS3 Camaro and Corvette starter and the Powermaster 9509 starter fit and are compatible. Low mount alternator systems are also compatible with ICT Billet 551667-1 being the preferred mounting bracket solution. Use belt 2002551550 with a LS1 or LS3 Camaro or Corvette water pump. All accessories need to be the same spacing, ie Corvette or Camaro. Truck accessories not recommended. A Canton LS1 15-276 front sump oil pan is required to give these headers room to clear the pan and below the engine. These 180 Degree Headers were designed for Porsche 996 and 997 cars with GM LS engines swapped into them. They may also have other applications but all fitment and compatibility issues will be the responsibility of the customer. All DES products, including exhaust headers, are for off-road use only. It is the customer's responsibility to comply with local and federal laws. California residents, this product is not SMOG certified.


DES is not liable for any misuse or incorrect installation and completion of our exhaust headers. Using hardware and accessories that are not mentioned above as compatible nulify any responsibility and liability of DES and its affiliates. DES offers a warranty on manufacturing defects and quality for 3 years from date of purchase. This warranty does not include misuse, incorrect installation, mishandling, or insufficient support and stabilization of the exhaust system and components. If using the DES exhaust completion kit that includes mufflers, DES hangers, and DES tubing, the entire kit must be utilized to claim a warranty issue. All warranty claims will be reviewed for accuracy and source of failure by DES. We will always strive to help our customers with their issue and find a suitable solution.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does "180 Degree" mean in reference to the exhaust?

A: Have you ever heard an exotic V8 exhaust? The kind that comes from a Ferrari, Maserati, or some other Italian breed of sports car? Many of those V8s and V10s are running a flat plane crank, which also happens to be in the new Ford 5.0 V8. The crankshaft is "flat" between the lobes, unlike a 90 degree V8 which has lobes that are perpendicular. The 90 degree V8s are more common in modern vehicles due to their superior balancing, fuel economy, and ease of manufacturing - amongst other reasons related to being just easier altogether. BUT! Flat plane cranks, AKA 180 degree V8s, just sound cooler. So how do we get this in a 90 degree V8 without having balance and vibration issues, suffering from poor fuel economy, etc.? We design an exhaust system that mimics the crankshaft without needing it. Enter the Duke Engineering Solutions 180 Degree Exhaust Headers! The true origin of the headers is debatable, but they're very recognizable in the Ford GT40 of the Lemans era of 1966 through 1969. You can read more about the differences here:




Q: What do I need to do to my engine to mount these headers?

A: You'll need the Canton LS1 Front Sump Oil Pan and compatible accessories mentioned in the description above. That's it! The rest is just exhaust work. Now even a regular LSx engine with no mods will sounds like an exotic Italian sports car - without the hassle and expense of a flat plane crank conversion!


Q: Are these equal length headers?

A: Yes; Actually, they're equally timed. Equal length is a term used more frequently as it's easier to make all the tube lengths the same rather than calculate the timing of each exhaust cycle, which is how we engineered these headers. They're timed together, all the primaries, but yes, all the lengths are nearly equal which comes as a biproduct of equally timing the exhaust pulses.


Q: Those tubes run right under the oil pan. It's going to cook your oil!!!....isn't it??

A: No! Our 180 Degree Headers actual run at the same temps as a typical exhaust, especially in a Porsche 911 application. We also make a heat shield specifically for this application (message us to purchase). The scavenging as well as the 321 Stainless Steel construction improve the efficiency and thermal dissipation so the change in temps is negligible. We have yet to see any difference in oil or coolant temps after 60 minutes of spirited driving - without additional oil coolers. We also offer the latest ceramic coating to even further reduce engine bay temperatures. We recommend an oil cooler for racing purposes. We're performing a thermal FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and real world testing to confirm these results from our 60 minute road testing just to further prove there's no concern with engine oil temps.

DES 180 Degree Headers for LS based engines - Porsche 996 and 997 and Universal

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